Since 1952

Our history is made up of gastronomic traditions, hospitality, smiles, warmth and our passion for cooking.


Fresh homemade pasta dishes, delicious main courses from land and sea, delicious pizzas for an authentic experience in the cuisine of Belpaese.


The recipes of father Italo Ottolini, famous pastry chef and ice cream maker in Stresa, come alive in the cakes and desserts of his daughter Cristina.


A renowned pastry chef and ice cream maker in Stresa, Italo Ottolini decides to embark on a new adventure: in the 1990s: managing the Taverna del Pappagallo, a historic restaurant in Stresa since 1952. To animate him a single, great dream, that of welcoming and letting its guests taste the typical dishes of Italian cuisine. Many years have passed since then. Italo was succeeded in 2012 by his daughter Cristina and her husband Gabriele, but one thing has never failed. Their passion for good food and hospitality, a true art that Cristina and Gabriele practise, with passion and dedication, every day.

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Fragrant, crispy and, at the same time tender, our pizza is that little pleasure that you can indulge in as often as you like! We let the dough rise for up to 36 hours to ensure it is light and digestible. Baking takes place strictly in a wood-fired oven as tradition dictates. Stuffed with typical regional ingredients, our pizzas are an authentic emotion!

The Specials

Among the various specialties, you can’t miss the Borromea, enhanced by Crudo from Val Vigezzo and no less than 300 grams of fligliata of burrata, the Mottarone, whose ingredients evoke the flavours of the mountains surrounding our lake, such as Speck PGI, Porcini mushrooms and Toma from Mottarone. And then there is the Rocca of Argera, with buffalo mozzarella from Campania DOP, Parma ham and Grana Padano, all strictly DOP.

The Cuisine

To begin in beauty, let yourself be carried away by our Taglierone: all the beauty of our territory is concealed in its flavours and aromas. To embellish it there are traditional cured meats, such as Fidighina, salami from Duja, venison, wild boar, local and raw Parma DOP, cheeses for discerning palates such as goat blue cheese, local from Crodo, Ossolano DOP and our local from Formazza. And then there are the chef’s indispensable Sfizi’s to match: aubergines in oil, courgettes with garlic and oregano, roasted peppers and hot focaccia.


Cristina’s Sweets

Cristina owes her love for pastry to her father Italo. His recipe book, guarded like a precious treasure, is the source of inspiration for her many creations. Among those sheets of paper, those notes and those erasures, can breathe her father’s great passion for this profession. Cristina brings it to life in her cakes, in which she combines tradition and a pinch of fantasy to perfection. Thus

memories surface each time and, almost as if by magic, take shape in her beautiful and delicious desserts.

Cristinamisù goes beyond the classic dessert we all know. In this Cristina’s secret recipe, delicious layers of soft homemade sponge cake, soaked in sweetened espresso coffee, are filled with delicious mascarpone custard and whipped cream. The final touch is a generous sprinkling of cocoa.

Reinterpretation of the famous French Île flottante, our Meringotto is dad Italo’s dessert. It consists of soft baked meringue coated with an irresistible layer of caramel.
Served with custard and fresh cream, it is enriched with a delicious crunch of amaretti.

Not sure which dessert to choose? Cristina’s Palette is the tasting path designed to let you taste, all together, Cristina’s most loved creations: Nutellosa, Nutella tart, the seasonal Semifreddo, the Cristinamisu’ and the legendary Meringotto.
Cristina’s Palette is a limited edition dessert, ideal for sharing!

Our wine cellar

To accompany our dishes Gabriele, our hosts, selects prestigious labels from the region and beyond. From Piemonte to Lombardia, from Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia to the rest of Italy, in an exciting journey of good drinking!
White, red and rose’ wines, available in bottles as well as by the glass, evoke, in their evocative scents and aromas, the vineyards that make the nectar of the gods of Belpaese so renowned throughout the world.
Among them all, one wine stands out: Gattinara DOCG of Torraccia del Piantavigna. Elegant and complex, this label made from Nebbiolo is able to perfectly convey the balance between its harshness and its persuasive notes


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